As this month draws to a close, let today be a good time to look back on the blessings and the mercies of the Lord. God has done so much for us some of which are even unaware to us. He is always working on our behalf to make our lives successful. There are many unseen pits that our feet have escaped. Many lions were prepared to destroy us but our God has placed His padlocks on their mouths. The fiery trials seem like they would take our lives but we are alive and the smoke is cleared away.

So many times we obey God’s leading without even knowing. The Blood of Jesus Christ is always in full operation on our behalf to silence the powers of the enemy. By Christ’s blood we overcome and have our testimonies.

Throughout the treacherous pathway of this life the arrows of Satan are hurled at us, but thank God we remain untouched. We say ‘Thank you Jesus Christ because you are our sword and shield’.

May our worship and thanksgiving to Christ today be without reservation. Let us pour out our all in adoration to Jesus Christ because He has given us His best.

Sometimes the troublesome clouds of life seem to block our view of the sunshine of God’s awesome goodness. Let us arise and sing the clouds away, so our worship can radiate the countenance of His beauty and glory.


  1. Very inspiring may God continue to open your eye gate , ear gate and heart gate to receive from Him so as He pour into you you pour into us God blessings upon you sir

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    • Hallelujah!! I receive that decree in Jesus name. May Christ multiply the same 21 folds upon you in Jesus name. Yes I say twenty one folds. God bless you for your encouragements.


  2. My dear friend Chris loves to start a conversation with, “tell me something that God did for you this week that you didn’t ask for”. It is fun to keep a list of these blessings in your journal so that you can reflect on them later. Remember, these are not things that you prayed for but simply little gifts for your Heavenly Father.

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