In today’s trivia we are not allowed to use the internet to do the research. The tools for this engagement are the Holy Spirit for direction and knowledge, the Bible to search for answers and the brain to help remind us of what is already known (memory)

Let us be honest in this task because searching the scriptures may lead someone to discover something vital for the moment to bless their life. Write your answer in the comment section below.thank you.

Who did David ask if they would be willing to go down to the camp of Saul, and who followed him?

In which book of the bible God is not mentioned?

How long did David stayed in the country of the Philistines?

Joe shouted the size of the lizard as____________ then Loxlie came over as he was waiting and counting every______________ it took for the bags to be filled.

The name of fruits are in the statements below . Write the answer in comment

(A) He saw his papa yawning because he wanted to sleep

(B) He went to collect the lump sum of money that was owed to him

(C) In the man’s hand was the microphone and cap, pleading with the authorities to help solve the rape crime


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