Each of us are place on earth with a purpose. We were born into a family that God allow to be apart of. It may not the best of our liking but we are uniquely place there. It is the responsibility of our parents to teach and guide us in the path of righteousness so we can have an established platform to fulfill our divine purpose.

In this broken world that we enter is full of broken and hurting people that suffer many things. It is impossible for us to give something we don’t have. The hurts of individuals are echoed through the words they speak. Most of these words become the norm in our society. Even slavery have it’s impact on those who were enslaved and these trauma enters the DNA and continue to affect generations after.

There is a seed of greatness that is planted in us which is to make us to become a blessing to society. This seed can only be germinated when it is fertilized by love and the right words that are spoken. If the parents have an established relationship with Jesus Christ and knows how to speak into the lives of their children then they will help to place their children on the platform of greatness to be successful. If children are only hearing negative words and cursing this will only become a set up for the destruction of the destiny of the children. Society itself is a world of influence and the impact are generally destructive. The seed of greatness must be protected from the dictates of society if we want to see excellence in our children and in each other. We must make our mouth become a blessing.

Jesus Christ said in John 6: 63 “The word I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life” This is what we need adapt. We must by the operation of the Holy Spirit be able to speak life. This is why when a servant of the Living God speak especially in a one to one meeting with an individual who is suffering some type of trauma, setbacks, rejection or lost of hope that individual can begin to experience changes in their life. That servant of God have receive what I call ‘the tongue of the learned’ and is using it to speak life. The prophet Ezekiel was asked in Ezekiel 37: 3 “Son of man, can these bones live? He answered God and said ‘Oh Lord God thou knowest’ then God told him “prophesy upon these bones” Just like Ezekiel was told to speak to what seems dead, we must speak life so that others can be healed. We must bring purpose to life in our lives and the lives of others.

The powers that have diverted many destinies are still no match for the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, so we still have hope. This is why the Bible say resist the devil and he will flee because all that he is saying to us is set to lead us in making wrong choices so our purposes can be destroyed. Thank God for Jesus Christ who is able to restore the broken and heal the hurting.

May our lives be nourished by the word of God. May the Holy Spirit lead us to walk with the right company so we can hear words of life and beauty. May our words cause the destiny of our children to prosper. May our words become the light that extinct the darkness that cause confusion in the lives of others so the seed of greatness can be revived. May we receive empowerment and become a source of empowerment.


  1. Yes food for thought ,as the word say life and death is in the power of the tongue . So as believer lets exercise the ability we have given through christ Jesus to speak life over every situation we face even if it weeks all hope is gone . Good word brother. Keep up the good word

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  2. Christian must be cognizant of our heavenly duties as believer’s to speak life and not death we must see hope when others don’t because the word of God brings life and not condemnation well said Maurice

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    • Yes sir it is our duty. We are servants of Jesus Christ. Jesus said as His father work He works. We must do the works of Jesus by speaking life. even the cripple, the blind the deaf and dumb received life to those hindering afflictions when Jesus spoke. God richly bless you and thank you for commenting.

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  3. True!. Our words are life. And life and death truly lies in the power of the tongue. I am learning to speak His words over me. Yes, we study it but letting it sink into our consciousness, we need to speak it so our ears can hear and bear it as a witness that what He has spoken is who we are.

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