In this time of shutdown across the world many people become depressed because of all the negatives they are seeing on the television. Today I am encouraging myself and everyone to keep hope alive, God is not dead. Nothing happens by chance and if God allow this to happen, it is still in His power to stop it.

In the mean time we got to do what we can do. Whatever we find in our hands to do, do it. Get creative at this time if you are not able to go to work. Use the time wisely this can generate knowledge, wealth and future success. We will not know what the Lord will do, all we have to do is let our hands be productive. What if this time of shutdown God want to use to help us find our true purpose? When we are free from the hustle and bustle and stop worrying about the problems, we will be able to place ourselves in the position where God can speak to us or lead us into what He wants us to do or become.

May this writing ignite some passion to be productive instead of worrying about when we can get back to work. I know that there are bills to pay, but great blessings come through discipline and sacrifice. Out of every crisis there are opportunities for achievements.

What have you being desiring to achieve? Take time out and talk to Jesus Christ about it, remember He is the way the truth and the life. He also wants us to have life and have life more abundantly. What are somethings the Lord has been showing you but because of work you are unable attend to it or step out. It is our faith that causes us to be victorious. Through Jesus Christ we are over-comers, all we have to do is obey the council of His word and walk into the blessings.

May the greatness in us be discovered. May we come out of this Coronavirus pandemic season been blessed with creative ideas to be a game changer in society. May God be glorified in all that we seek to do because our step are poised to walk in Christ’s direction.


  1. A timely inspiring read. When we could have been doing something great, many choose to live in negativity, anger , blame, fear. Yes, we need to see our circumstance as a blessing , a door in finding God, ourselves, our purpose . Stay safe🙏

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    • Thank you. Yes we need to always try to look at the bright side of life and live by faith. There are so much things we can do and learn at this time.
      Thanks for commenting.

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  2. A great read, truly inspiring post. I pray that when this is all over many would have come to Christ and learn to be kinder to each other. Thank you for challenging us to see the glass half full. Blessings.


  3. So true this is also a chance for us to come to grips with reality and see what matters most. We need to value each other and be supportive too. God bless you have a great day


    • Thank you Herry I had tried a few changes before but I wasn’t please until i really focus on this one. I am happy you like it.
      There is so much that the Eternal Wise All Powerful God has placed in us to be a blessing. God is so skill at gifting us to complement each. We need to really see what God is doing


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