Our sovereign God has established His truth by His word. He also created us for a purpose which is to carry out His will. We can only walk in our purpose when we are obedient to Christ. Our obedience to Jesus Christ is the highest form of worship. The high Priest Samuel told king Saul in the book of 1 Samuel 15: 22 “Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of ram” Our obedience will cause Christ manifest presence to be with us. Our obedience will allow us to experience the supernatural power of Jesus Christ. Our obedience will keep us out of trouble. Being obedient will help us to grow spiritually. Obedience to Jesus Christ will enable us to have angelic assistance on a regular basis. Our obedience will make blessings flow our way and cause yokes and hardship to break from our lives

The Bible says my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. It is important to know the word of God so we can make right choices in doing the right thing through obedience. Constant obedience will enhance our discernment to escape the trap of the enemy. At times our struggles seems long but our obedience bring us victory, peace and constant joy because God holds to His bargain when we obey His word.

Our obedience help us to avoid sin that can cause generational bondage. Our obedience limit the activities of hindering spirits that are set to stop our breakthroughs. Only through our obedience we can experience a deeper walk with God. Let us seek to obey God and His word so we can walk according to His divine will for us and have a successful life


    • None of us are perfect we all learn from our disobedience and mistakes. Obedience is very important it is the foundation for every good things that will happen in our life.

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