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Month: March 2020

Inspirational 15

God Raise Us Up For His Purpose

Every call of God is impacted by a need. It is not that God has a need, it is us humans that need God’s intervention. We always see from scriptures that God always raise up someone or some people to deal with crisis. When there is a need for deliverance God always raise up some to be His hands and […]

Health 4

Protecting The Immune System Against COVID- 19

In this season where we are facing the challenge of COVID- 19, one of the most important things is for us to boost our immune system. Boosting our immune system is the main key in combating any illness Even though this can be stressful times this is a moment when those of us who are off from work can get […]

Faith 2

Open My Eyes Oh Lord

As Christians we know that the Lord speak to us through dreams and visions. Why would God choose to use these methods we may ask. It could be that He want to place something in our memory so we can know that He is talking to us and also the memory of it can be used as a testimony. As […]

Inspirational 9

Effectiveness Of The Word Of God

When we got born again in Christ we drank of the sincere milk of the word of God. It is just like babies that need milk for their development. As they grow they are then introduced to hard food but they get it crushed. As they continue in their development they then start to get hard food. The Christian’s life […]

Inspirational 5

The Lamb and The Lion In Us

Love is known to be a very good thing. It comes with gratitude, kindness, appreciation, sharing, caring and may other attributes to it. Love begins with God because it is His nature. When He blew His breath in man and man became a living soul, there are things that was downloaded in us. As a living soul we are emotional […]

Faith 6

Diligently Obeying God’s word

In life there are abundance of struggles that we face.They are set to try us, to shape us and to make us to be what God wants us to be. To be effective in life we can’t approach life casually, we are to face the challenges with a made up mind to be victorious. When there are needs to be […]

Faith 4

Faithfulness In Us

In this life there are so many failures that face us as humans. Sometimes we fail ourselves, we fail others and others fail us. Some people have governed their hearts to be faithful when they get into a relationship and desire that their partner will be faithful to them. Many people are not faithful they will change without caring for […]

Faith 2

Making Progress Pt. 4(Doing A Great Work)

As we approach halfway of this month may our progress increase as we find favor in Jesus Christ. As in the days of Nehemiah when they were building the wall, we are followers of Jesus Christ are building a wall. This is spiritual wall. Each of us as individuals as we build up ourselves in the most holy faith we […]

Faith 14


Our sovereign God has established His truth by His word. He also created us for a purpose which is to carry out His will. We can only walk in our purpose when we are obedient to Christ. Our obedience to Jesus Christ is the highest form of worship. The high Priest Samuel told king Saul in the book of 1 […]

Ethics 0

Higher Ethical Living

A true Christian life is based upon a relationship with Jesus Christ. He came to earth and lived thirty three years in human form. He had lived a lifestyle of complete holiness, obedience to our heavenly Father and showed love to humanity around him. He had also lived a life of very high ethical standard that we have come to […]

Faith 16

Puzzle Pieces Of Life

The trials of life, the pain we are going through and the things we do as much as we possible can to make things right, but many things seems to remain the same. Life is like a puzzle with many pieces We try to arrange the pieces and then it get more complicated. We may try a business and it […]

Ethics 6

Power Of Integrity

As humans we are known by the character we display. Many people are also good at hiding who they really are. One common saying among my friends I is that “life is spiritual” A true impression about an individual can be suppressed temporary but with time the true manifestation will be displayed. The Holy Ghost will also give discernment in […]

Faith 6

The Benefits of Justification

When the enemy of our soul seeks to push us into condemnation, we must remember that we have a lawyer that speaks on our behalf. Not only does he speaks on our behalf but He also took to Himself the charge or the sins of us all. We are all guilty of sin and deserve our punishment. Galatians 3: 22 […]

Ethics 11

Benefits of Diligence

This morning the thought of diligence was impressed upon my spirit. Today we look at diligence and how it impacts our lives and the benefits we can receive. From diligence is defined as “constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind” To be productive in anything we expect to gain success from […]

Ethics 0

Good Leaders

As God carries out His plans on earth through us. There those who He chooses to lead in different capacity. There are different kinds of leadership styles and they are seen through the character of those who are in these positions. Some leaders characters are not known until they get into position, but there are always some form of evidence […]