He makes all things bright and beautiful

He makes all things so wonderful

He gives dominion and authority for us to rule

It’s heavenly certified, we never get it at school

By his words, his power does speak

This very hope sure strengthens the weak

He chose three, on the mount, before them he transfigured

Oh what a glorious sight, they remembered

The prophets words came to pass

God with man, here at last

For us the spotless Lamb of God was slain

His virtue takes away all our pain

For power, the disciples tarried at Pentecost

It was worth it, as today it saves the lost

Up in glory our home he prepares

Oh my God remove all our snares

Sin cannot enter that glory land

Wash us, cleanse us and lead us by thy hand

The angels cry holy

On earth we sing salvation story

Thank Lord you for my home in glory.


  1. Sorry bro ,wonderful and perfect is he who forms us in our mothers womb and created all this lovely world that we can enjoy. Thanks for your word that reminds of his creation and that he is the only one who creates the world and they that dwell there in , the enemy is a destroyer it is in his DNA.
    Be ble and continue to do his will


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