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Month: January 2020

Faith 2

Give Thanks No Matter What

INTRO: Giving thanks in tough times may not be easy without some level of spiritual maturity. The Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5: 18 In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Whatever is going on in our lives we need to practice thanksgiving, it is a good medicine for the […]

Faith 7

Resurrection Power

I was asked these two questions yesterday by a good friend of mine. Was Jesus Christ the only resurrected person apart from Lazarus? Was it after His death and the earthquake some of the dead came forth? I had responded to him. Today I putting forth these two questions to you my bloggers and followers. Let’s share in a discussion […]

Faith 11

Display Of True Love

True love has no hidden agenda True love is publicly displayed True love gives joy without expectations True love takes the suffering we deserves True love makes the way for a brighter future True love creates access to paradise even our open heaven True love multiplies blessing and eternal peace. From a heart of true love for us, Jesus gave […]

Faith 10

Say No To Doubt

As humans we are imperfect beings, but when we give our word or promise we expect the person we are telling to trust what we are saying and do not doubt us. It is a possibility for the word or promise we give that person to not come to pass. The Almighty God who gave Jesus Christ His only begotten […]

Faith 9

A Moment In Prayer

My prayer today: Oh Lord I acknowledge your love for us as humans. I thank you for your loving-kindness so that you have even multiplied your grace and mercies upon us. You have done the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ your only son had died that we can live. As your salvation is now wrought in us, our soul reject […]

Faith 12

Apostle Paul’s Prayer Request For The Gospel

None of us as Christians are independent of another sister or brother’s prayer. As Christians it is our duty to pray for each other, our pastors and those that are in authority, because we are all imperfect people seeking the perfect God for His directions. Paul a servant of the Lord who said he “is one born out of a […]

Ethics 22

Experiencing Jesus In The Secret Place

Experiencing Jesus in the secret place is a moment when we separate ourselves from the busy schedules of life, the world and it’s distractions around us. It is a moment to enhance a holy intimacy with Christ. It is a moment when we pour out our personal needs, the needs of the family, friends, church and nation to Jesus Christ. […]

Faith 4

His Voice Makes The Difference

As our imagination runs, can we imagine? Can we imagine what goes on, inside The giver of life speaking within I wonder, we must have a happy body He is here to glorify Jesus Christ He speaks to you and me Looking back I remember He said “Time now” Very still, calm, gentle and yet powerful was He I didn’t […]

Faith 18

I Go To Prepare A Place

You have called me to share in your splendor Oh what a great wonder! Viewing the beauty of nature brings such a thrill Reading about heaven, oh, I am hungry to do your will For this purpose, the price you were willing to pay So I can smile with you on that great day There are many songs about eternity […]

Faith 8

The Price of Greatness

Every benefit comes with a cost, even if it is an inheritance received, someone had sacrifice time and energy to make this a possibility. It is said that anything that comes too easy is not good. As consumers we know that when the price of products are too cheap generally something is wrong. Either the business has gone into bankruptcy, […]