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Month: August 2019

Faith 7

Achieving Your Purpose

Scripture of Thought: Romans 8: 14-17, 28-30 All of us who come into this world are here for a purpose and our purposes are different. Before we come out of the womb so many plans were made for us. Our parents formulate their plans to make everything successful. As parents create their plans God himself also has a plan which […]

Inspirational 4

Bible Principles of Prosperity

Everyone desires a life free from burdens and struggles. We would work hard develop savings and wise investment plans to reach our expected goals. From ancient times until now there are those who traverse the earth seeking for lost treasures. Often times these are shown in movies and documentaries. The earth is filled with lots of precious things that one […]

Faith 3


When something or someone loses their sense of purpose we could classify them as dead or almost dead. A vehicle that is parked for a long time because it might need parts may become worst as weathering would have taken effect and other parts might become rust. Likewise someone who is gifted or gain knowledge through training might start forgetting […]

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Who Am I?

My name is Maurice Malcolm. I am a child of God who loves to read the Bible, pray and worship. I am grateful for the salvation I have received through Jesus Christ. The Bible says in St John 1: 17 “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” I am who I am […]